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Triple'D-Day'... Decision Done and dusted!!!

I saw my endocrinologist yesterday and we discussed treatment... The RAI route just seemed unpredictable and we made the decision that a 'once and for all'

road would be best for me at the age (52) and stage (menopausal!!!) I'm at.

Just sooooo grateful that the consultant wants what's best for me and his

empathic approach restored my faith in medics.

I haven't been able to work since christmas and as work in education he agreed that we should aim for 'removal and recovery' by September with lots of

'rest and recuperation'. Just have to wait to see surgeon now.

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Burras, I am so pleased for you. I hope that you can look forward to feeling so much better. I am sure that you will be able to talk to others that have been through what you are about to face.

Good luck and no doubt you will keep us posted.

Suze x


It's great to see that you have a proper plan of action now after all those questions hanging over you a few days ago.


Pleased that you had your questions answered Burras. Sounds like a good plan of action. It is so reassuring when you have a consultant that seems to know what they are doing and working in your best interests.


Burras I am so pleased that you are on track now. I was day off on Thursday and was busy cleaning thinking about you. I am so pleased that your consultant was empathic. Enjoy your time off work (hopefully we will have a balzing summer) ready for your op.


Ah thank you, I I've just got to relax and stop feeling guilty at not being at work,5 months now,but have had no choice,docs orders.

Must enjoy the journey eh?


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