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When can I expect to feel better

I've been on Levothyroxine now for two and a half months and I'm still feeling terrible. Started on 50mg and have been on 75mg now for two weeks. My initial TSH level was 6.1 and doc said next blood test was in the normal range (didn't ask what it was) but because I was still having symptoms he increased my dose. Apart from a temporary respite from my chronic constipation in the first weeks nothing much has changed. I still feel totally exhausted all day, sleeping badly, have no libido, feel weepy and depressed and very irritable. I've also been having terrible headaches since I started on the thyroxine and dizzy spells. I think I may have been underactive for some years but have been putting the symptoms down to the menopause (i'm 59) and prior to that work related stress. I'm due another blood test in about 6 weeks. Should I go back to the doctors or tough it out till next test. How long does it take to start to feel well?

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that is a matter of choice and how bad you are

he would probable refuse to do a further blood test intil the six weeks have elaped

what do you others say

<b>Updated on Sep 11 2010 6:07PM:</b> ask for a copy of the printout


Ask now for all your test results and you are allowed to have them! dr started me on a low dose 12mcg ( which seems to be the normal approach) and l wasnt able to progress up any more than that as it made me feel ill...l have just left a comment on dancerfromparis..about adrenals.. should get your adrenals tested..if they are also up the wall you won't do as well on the levo..if you read this sight and other blogs you will see that an awful lot of people dont "just get better"on thyroid replacement SORRY..though not to depress you more some do.its not an over night thing! l remember thinking nearly three years ago l have a new label lm not mad there is something wrong and now they can fix it ..HO HO HO ( it is nearly christmas!!) have hope, because it can happen just have to be a patient with patience! Definition "remaining steadfast, despite oposition difficulty or adversity" its so frustrating that when your feeling your worst you have to fight your hardest to get yourself sorted.....goodluck ...with bestwishes....


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