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Negative feedback rom third Endocrinologist

Ive been to the third Endo consultant today, who was meant to be the best of the bunch, but unfortunately his response was worse than the other 2!! First he dismissed the blood tests I had done privately with Genova and is only considering the tests I had in February with the NHS which were only very mildly abnormal. Secondly, he thinks my positive antibodies and positive family history only show that I may get the disease in the future. Thirdly, my hair is falling out and im getting palpitations, and slightly depressed because I am anxious and need to seek help for that bla, bla, bla... Fourthly, I'd put on 3 stone over the last year without changing my diet at all actually having had a small appetite- because I am not eating properly and because I gave up smoking. Fourthly, im fatigued and become more ill on exertion because ive put on weight, even though Ive been much, much bigger, unhealthy and smoked and was still able to exercise and lead a normal life. He also examined my neck and said I did not have a goitre, even though this was diagnosed by my GP on x-ray. Lastly, I was weighed today at the clinic and am now 11 and a half stone. Two months ago I was over 13 stone. I cannot exercise and have slowed down to compliment these sympoms, but this weight loss was never even referred to!!!

He even tried to convince me to stop listening to websites such as this!!!

On a slightly better note, My GP believes that an ulcer I was recently diagnosed with may be making my thyroid hormones run a muck, and he has suggested waiting to see what happens after treatment for this.

I left the clinic in tears and AM NOW ANXIOUS and depressed, as always after seeing these specialists. I just dont know what I can say or do to convince these people!

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Hiya shaz, it's awful that you feel soo rough and that you havnt received the result that you were hoping for, I take it you are not on any med at the mo, I would just like to say the weight lose wouldn't go in your favour as if you had an underactive thyroid you wouldn't have lose any weight I'm not saying your not but probably that's what the doctor would say, as vie known someone who had the same thing. Hope things get sorted soon for you take care xx


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