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Part 4-Answers?

I went for my blood test the next morning and I was told that my results would be back in 2-3 days.

3 days later I had heard nothing from the doctors so I rung up and was told that they were back and they were normal and once again "no further action to be taken". I really could have screamed, no way was this normal what I was experiencing and I was not goin to let this go, I wanted answers. I told the receptionist that I wanted an appointment with a Dr, she made me one for in two days time.

In that time I found a thyroid forum and also began to get information about goiters and thyroid problems, I also learnt that my symptoms were far from uncommon and there are alot of people also suffering the way I was. I printed some information off to give my Dr as from what I read made me aware that thyroid problems are not fully recognised in this country and often go unnoticed or mis-diagnosed. My symptoms were lack of energy, depression and extreme anxiety, I also had a pain in my neck travelling down to my chest and breathlessness.

I went to the Dr armed with all my info but again I broke down,he asked why I was so upset and i said I was worried incase it was really something bad and I just wanted a proper answer and for someone to help me. My goiter had grown again and he finally agreed to refer me to a consultant.

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join the club i had to wait 30 years before mh dr tried me on t4 and i had normal blood tests but after 30 years like it i had come to the point where i could hardly do anything. don't let it get as bad as i was if you think you are hypothyroid, i know if i was you i would buy armour thyroid on the internet as there are some sites that don't need a prescription because as the years go on all your symptoms get worse and you end up not even remembering what day of the week it is.


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