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Just trying to figure out if there is a connection between thyroid & tinnitus. I was diagnosed with a thyroid problem 2 yrs ago and prescribed 50mcg Levothyroxine , about 4 months later the tinnitus started. Doctor said it was just a coincidence . I have been tested to see what could have caused tinnitus and was told i have a collapsed ear drum but I have always had this. So why now. It is without doubt one of the worst conditions and all you get told is you need to learn how to deal with it. Thanks for that docs. It seems a lot of you out there also have had similar experiences. My question is why is someone not doing something about this awful condition.

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The NHS is useless at treating chronic conditions; they are geared towards treating injuries however. It costs money to manage chronic conditions: GPs get an "allowance" per patient from the council. Anything more they spend on you comes out of their profits.

Also, different conditions are worth funding points. The point system does not correlate with the degree to which the chronic condition debilitates you. So some diseases are worth zero points. Thyroid disease is a low value disease, while hypertension is the highest value diseases, or it was last time i checked.

So if you have hypertension you will be managed more efficiently than if you have Hashimoto's for example.

Anyhow i have had tinnitus since 2012. I have Hashi's and P anaemia. It got better for a while on b12 injections but for the last year it has been really bad again.

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Hi :)

I have been having strange neurological symptoms for 8 months now - awaiting a neuro appointment. I have developed tinnitus, pins and needles in my hands, cold hands and feet, 2 episodes of vertigo and muscle twitching all over my body. My B12 was 380 and ferritin 32.

Does any of this relate to PA or any of your symptoms? X

Hello tinthy,

Soon after starting levothyroxine 4 years ago, I felt some psychological changes in my head and behaviour. Some changes were positive but I also suffered vertigo for about a month and then sudden dizzy spells and tinnitus on and off ever since. I am convinced it is all related with starting thyroid meds and other thyroid issues.


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Hi, Flower007 , Yes its too much of a coincidence that a lot of people have both.

Tinnitus can be a sign of hypothyroidism or a sign of under treated hypothyroidism.

Could you tell us how much ? Levothyroxine you take, how you feel generally and could you post your most recent thyroid function test results so we can see if you are optimally replaced? Thanks 😀

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Hi, I take 50mcg a day , so quite a low dose. couldn't tell you my latest results at the moment. But i also take Naproxen for a back problem at the moment and this also is on the list of suspects . Trying to lose some wight too but not having much luck there either.

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Good idea to always ask for a copy of your thyroid blood results, for your own records.

You could ring your GP surgery and ask for a copy of your last TFTs. You may have to pay a small charge but it is a perfectly legitimate request. Post the results with ranges on here for advice. 😊

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Have a read here:


You are probably low in magnesium - most people are because the soil is depleted, and being hypo makes deficiencies worse because of absorbtion issues. I have had tinnitus for many, many years - long before l was diagnosed and started levo. But I firmly believe that, not only have I been hypo since l was a small child, but that I have also had magnesium deficiency for most of my life.

Since I started supplementing with magnesium about a year ago, the tinnitus has diminished considerably and is mostly unnoticable now - unless I listen for it. :)

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I wouldn't listen for it. You may hear it again.

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lol Yes, know what you mean. But when I read this thread, I thought, Ooo! I haven't heard it for a while, Wonder if it's still there... And it is, but the volume is very low. So, I can live with that. :)

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Thanks for that I will look into it. :)

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DEFINITE connection. I had VERY BAD tinnitus for years while on porcine thyroid. I have Hashimoto's. Now I'm on cytomel only. I supplement with bovine adrenal glandulars (8 caps daily). I still need more T3 (it can be very difficult getting it in the States). HOWEVER, my tinnitus has reduced dramatically.

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