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Results, very low TSH

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Would someone be kind enough to comment on these results. The TSH is very low I know.

Free T33.2 pg/ml Ref. 2.5 to 3.9

Free T410.5 ng/L. Ref. 6.1 to 11.2

TSH0.03 Ref 0.38-5.33

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Thank you Simon,

I ask the question because the only treatment available to me here in France is Euthyral which is a preset combination of 100 μgT4 and 20 μgT3. I currently take 3/4 of a pill each day, but I fear with results like the TSH reading my doctor will cut that down to half.

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greygoose in reply to Gretsch67

Then you have to refuse. Remind your doctor that you are only over-medicated if your FT3 is over-range, and yours isn't. He should not be dosing by the TSH. If he insists, see another doctor. Or an endo. That is so easy to do in France. You don't have to stick with the same ignorant doctor.

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Gretsch67 in reply to greygoose

Thank you greygoose , this is an Endo who I have recently started seeing. He is fairly easy to talk with and does seem to understand the importance of T3. He does, however take the TSH seriously. On verra!

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greygoose in reply to Gretsch67

Well, just don't let him get away with it, that's all! lol Stand your ground. You're not on a very high dose, you don't want it reduced.

But, you know, Euthyral isn't the only treatment available in France. You can't get NDT, true, but you could take levo and T3 seperately, and that way you could control the ratio yourself.

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Gretsch67 in reply to greygoose

I was taking Levo and T3 separately, and that suited me well, but there were a lot if problems with the supply of cynomel, hence the switch to Euthyral.

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greygoose in reply to Gretsch67

Ah, yes. Is that still going on?

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Gretsch67 in reply to greygoose

I don't know, I'll check that, but at last appt the Endo seemed to think that they would probably be stopping cynomel altogether.

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greygoose in reply to Gretsch67

Oh dear! That would be terrible! Of course, French doctors have no idea what T3 is - they often say it's the same as T4! - nor what it does, any more than doctors elsewhere in the world.

i had been approached w same…I denied! Kept that endo but went to ob gyn to handle thyroid meds!

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On almost any dose of T3 TSH will be suppressed, that’s just what happens

When were vitamin D, folate, ferritin and B12 last tested

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Gretsch67 in reply to SlowDragon

B12 has just been tested and was in range. Do you have any links to credible research linking TSH suppression and T3 in a positive light?

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Hashi2 in reply to Gretsch67

B12 should be top of range at least.

I recd similar results with similar dosing.Taking 75mcg of levo & 20 cytomel/generic.

My TSH was .01!

Thanks, did you continue on the dose?

So far…. yes. Will try reducing T3 to 10/15 …. but never seems to change the TSH

Try reducing the t4. That’s what I did. T3 is what the body needs. If your body has the t3 it needs, why would you need to stimulate your thyroid with TSH?

Thank you! Will reduce further now from now 6 days a week… to 75mcg … 5 days!

So… you gradually reduced T4 as you increased T3?

I was on 125mcg Levo which worked at first but after about 10 years I was desperate again. Endo suggested t3 and left me to increase from 2.5mcg three times a day and reduce Levo, if I felt it would help. I started with Thybon Henning tabs of 20mcg from Germany. About £10 for 100.

I have been taking 75mcg levo w 20 mg of generic cytomel/liothyrione… recently omit a day of levo… now trying to omit two/three days to bring my effective levo dose to 42 from 75!Will see how the works… & will raise cytomel if needed… however, doubtful it will effect my TSH in 6/8 weeks!

We shall see!

You have been invaluable as I too could not pop straight levo then Naturethroid was recalled. However… feel markedly better on T3 combo

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Kandahar in reply to Gretsch67

Mine is 0.01 on 70mcg t3 only and I feel fine and gradually have lost weight I gained. That’s the most important bit.

My pharmacist is on T3 only … & swears by it…. just how to get a Dr to comply

Endo started me off. Have always bought t3 overseas. Since zbrext get on line and is shipped from Singapore.

Goodness a pharmacist on T3 - where is he based. Both my Dr and endo are not happy with my suppressed TSH, same old story!😣😎

Pasadena, CA…. but pharmacy is Belmar Pharmacy; Golden, ColoradoPharmacist is Tina!

My TSH is .01 & feel fine! Never slept better… exercise etc. If you take 70mg of T3… you must have been on a very high T4 dose prior if 20/25 mg of cytomel equivalent to 100 mcg levo?!!! I might have misinterpreted how it all works…

Must admit, I never worried/worry about things like that! Know many on here do. Must be an effect of the problem for many!Trying to reply to your posts in turn. Watch this space...

Ha! I never ever thought about it… would skip… forget a dose… no matter!I took 125 or 112 of levo/whatever…all was great… just headaches!

Then… all was NOT! An endo subbing for mine… stopped all thyroid meds for a year…. saying this thing called TSH at 4.8… & higher was just fine! The rest is history! My orginal endo returned… I pleaded for Naturethroid!

I am taking 75mcg levo 6 days a week… now lowering to 5 days to lower the effective daily dose… yet keeping T3 at 20 per day… 10 am & 10 afternoon.

Hi I saw an Endo with similar results because I feared the doc would reduce. Endo just said ‘well, don’t comply’. So as others have said you just need to be assertive and stand your ground. Good luck!

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Don’t rely on TSH

No link between TSH and bone health

Over replacement with thyroxine?

There is some concern that administering thyroxine in a dose which suppresses serum TSH may provoke significant cardiovascular problems, including abnormal ventricular diastolic relaxation, a reduced exercise capacity, an increase in mean basal heart rate, and atrial premature contractions.12 Apart from an increase in left ventricular mass index within the normal range, these observations have not been verified.13 Moreover, there is no evidence, despite the findings of the Framingham study, that a suppressed serum TSH concentration in a patient taking thyroxine in whom serum T3 is unequivocally normal is a risk factor for atrial fibrillation.

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Gretsch67 in reply to SlowDragon

many thanks!

Thank you!!!

Maybe just adjust your t4 down by a small amount and retest in 6 weeks. Anything above 0.2 is ok. T4 and T3 should be 75% up through the range.

I tried skipping just one day a week of 75mcg levo…. but kept the 20 cytomel daily. No upward effect on TSH as endo had hoped… still .01

How do you feel? If you feel ok then those numbers look fine. My Endo is not concerned by suppressed tsh as he says it's to be expected taking T3. You're only 50% through range on T3. Are all your vitamins optimal?

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Gretsch67 in reply to JAmanda

B12 is in range and I supplement D. I feel okay, though I've learnt that with the hypothyroid condition, feeling "normal" is all relative.😉

Make sure you have around 24 hours before tests. I hope you can convince the doctor to go by your FT3 and not tsh. Good luck!

Assume you feel great w those numbers?I finally went to an ob-gyn that looks at blood levels… my TSH is .01 but levels low…

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