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New look Tablets

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Hi there

I’ve been on the same look Levothyroxine since I started 11 years ago. Recently the look of the tablets has changed and also now says Levothyroxine Aristo whereas before it just said Levothyroxine. Should I be worried ? I am getting more headaches lately, I’m wondering if it’s linked? Thank you xoxo

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What manufacturer/brand name did you used to get? The packets will have had a brand name on them.

Levothyroxine Aristo is a relatively new product to the UK market. It comes from Germany.

It will have different excipients (inactive ingredients) but the same active ingredient (levothyroxine).

Some people find that they tolerate one make better than another. Possibly due to the excipients. Possibly due to better (or worse) absorption.

Levothyroxine Aristo is lactose-free. Which might have improved absorption.

I have created, and try to maintain, a document containing details of all thyroid hormone medicines in the UK and many in other countries.

helvella - Thyroid Hormone Medicines.pdf

This document has information about the available thyroid hormones in the UK and, in less detail, around the world.

Aristo is the brand. I think I'm right in saying that it's lactose-free and quite new?? Perhaps you had a different brand before. They aren't all the same - the fillers are different.

The main lactose-free brand is Teva (if that's important to you) - but it's something of a Marmite brand -lots of people have issues with it - possibly because it has mannitol in it - while some actively prefer it and others - like me - don't much mind.

So if the Aristo doesn't suit you, try something different next time and consider "yellow card"-ing the Aristo and asking the GP to put "not Aristo" on your prescription [and to name the brand you want when you find one you get on with if you are intolerant to other brands too]

If you have a good local pharmacist (the guy at my local Superdrug is great!) it's worth a chat to him/her about brands and trying to fond one you want.

And always check you've been given the brand you want [or not given the one you want to avoid] before you leave the pharmacy - sometimes they slip the wrong one into the paper bag ... Good luck x

I'm interested to read there's a new lactose free brand that doesn;t have mannitol. I currently take the liquid Levo due to intolerances to both. Do you know what else the new brand has please? Can only imagine my GP will have me trying it soon!

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helvellaAdministrator in reply to Jaydee1507

If you look at the document linked from my response, you will see links to everything you need/want to know!

There have been quite a number of posts referring to Aristo - this search finds many of them:

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Jaydee1507 in reply to helvella

Gosh thanks I'll have a look. I was here browsing about something else and stumble on this. Wow. I hope people find it tolerable unlike the Teva. Will be interesting to see and hallelujah for different fillers!

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