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Allergic to all tablet forms of Levothyroxine

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I recently posted about being allergic to Levothyroxine, after being on Actavis for 14 years, and being well. But now Accord have taken over my allergies have returned.

Today I am trialling liquid levothyroxine. It hasn't arrived yet, but should be here today. I have been without levothyroxine for 12 days. And my allergic reaction has calmed down considerably.

I have no knowledge of the liquid form of Levothyroxine. I just hope it solves the problem.

I don't know how it's taken. At the moment my prescription is for 175mg of tablet form levothyroxine, I don't know how that is measured in liquid.

Does anyone have any knowledge of liquid doses please.

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This is a link that I hope is helpful:-

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Mannequin18 in reply to shaws

Thank you for the information. I've just read it, very useful.

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