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First thyroid scan advice

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Hello 👋

I'm getting my first thyroid (ultrasound) scan done tomorrow. Would you have any advice ? Can I ask for copies for myself to keep? Or any questions to ask? I was referred by my GP. So I presume the results will be sent to the GP. But I also got a private endo appointment in a few days. Would it make sense to ask them for copies to have handy with me to show to the endo. Looking for an advice from your experience ;) Thanks

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The medics doing the scan never give very much or anything away and will probably evade any questions. I had a ultrasound neck scan and they did advise at the appointment there was a nodule....although it was pretty obvious as had grown to nearly 5cm. They did a biopsy at same appointment. But this is pretty unusual.

They always say results will go to GP. This is just protocol and sometimes a specialist has to review the images.

I have always asked for copies, which are sent later. Im usually sent a copy of the specialist report, what is sent to GP, but never had a copy of image.

PurpleNails thank you! You say:I have always asked for copies, which are sent later. Im usually sent a copy of the specialist report, what is sent to GP, but never had a copy of image.

Who did you ask for copies ? Your GP? Or Endocrinologist?

PS. Sorry, I don't why the whole text is underlined. ;)

Many appear on my online GP records. If not I usually approach the department secretary at the hospital. They are usually quite accommodating at sending out copies of reports & blood test, although once a secretary challenged me and questioned would I be able to interpret them?

Lol, they are something else those secretaries ;))) thank you for your help. I wont expect too much tomorrow so.

I asked years ago to receive copies of all letters sent to the doctor and I think a note was put on my records as I still receive them. I asked at an arbitrary out patient appointment. I also had a neck scan, about 5 weeks ago, and nothing has come through yet.

I’ve always found that they are really informative and answer any questions I have. I guess everywhere is different!

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Thank you fir your reply. I had the scan first thing in the morning. The guy was very nice but I was so sleepy that I even forgot yo ask if it's enlarged or not. Hopefully the report will tell. 🧐

Your thyroid ultrasound results will go to your GP. Just send them a letter saying you would like a copy of the ultrasound results as you have an appointment to see your Endocrinologist to show the results to them. They will give you a copy.

The results that go to your doctor are generally a short explanation of findings report, they do not receive scan copies.As others said, Medical hospital secretaries can obtain for you but good luck with your request.

How you receive a copy is hit and miss too. I was once sent a disc style mri copy (with access password). They are used within the nhs and medical profession and generally incompatible with home computers (no good on laptops, iPads either).

You would also struggle to understand a picture scan, unless medically trained.

If the synographer doesn’t verbally engage, do ask what you want to know and keep asking till they tell you.

I had 4 US scans with 8 months before one noticed I had half a thyroid! Like any good as the user.


If your GP has requested the scan, the report will be sent to them, hopefully with you copied in. Be prepared to wait some time for the scan to be reviewed and the report written, typed up and sent, though! If a sonographer does your scan, they are not permitted to give you any information. If a consultant or radiologist does it, they may well show you what they are seeing, and tell you the findings, which will subsequently be written up and forwarded to your GP. Your appointment letter may tell you if this is going to be the case. It is unusual for NHS scan copies to be offered, but they will remain in your medical records, where your GP has access to them.

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Thank you very much

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Partner20 in reply to tromashka

Hope this info was of help.🙂

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