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Meds help please


Hello everyone, I’ve got massive problem as just found out usual source doesn’t supply nature throid due to manufacturing problems, and my current batch runs out in two weeks time. Is there any alternative source to 1 grain equivalent? Thank you

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I am sorry there's a shortage of our thyroid hormones.

As per the guidelines, I will close your post so that no-one can post sources on the forum but anyone who has the information you require will send you a private message.

It's a huge disadvantage that in the UK, doctors or endocrinologists wont prescribe NDT - due it being withdrawn due to misinformation about it - despite it saving lives since 1892.

One of Thyroiduk's Advisers wrote to the BTA but they never did respond to him - he being a scientist and researcher they probably couldn't argue. NDT saving lives since 1892 and still does today - before 1892 we just died.

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