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Back pain


I have had back pain for three years and the doctors thought it was nerves in the middle thorax but no tablets take the pain away it even hurts when I take a deep breath it is on my right side off back in middle any body have any answers please

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There are no doctors or medically qualified people on this site.

This is a forum for thyroid patients. Do you have a diagnosis of a thyroid condition?

Hopefully it's just a trapped nerve. Try swimming, start out very gently, basically bobbing in the pool. Do it daily or twice daily. It will take a week or two and at a minimum. Moving 2-300meters each time. If it helps, you need to keep doing a maintenance swim 2-3 times a week for the rest of your life.

Chinie in reply to jamesal0

Tried that and the pool at hospital another doctor thought it was either liver or kidneys but had test and they fine

jamesal0 in reply to Chinie

how many times did you swim

Could be anything. Have you been to a physio? Sounds like a trapped nerve but no what if anyone knowing on the forum. See a private physio to see what they say initially. Have you got a thyroid disorder?

Do you have thyroid issues? I actually had terrible back pain and went for several injections and procedures to try to stop the pain. Nothing helped, I couldn’t stand for more than few minutes without back spasms. It went on and got worse for 4 years. I thought I would wind up in a wheelchair eventually. I finally saw a functional doctor and started on thyroid replacement, my back pain miraculously disappeared. I have zero pain now and only changed that one thing. I’ve been about 2+ years on thyroid meds without any more pain. I’m not positive this would work for you but if you’re not on the right dose that could possibly be related. None of my doctors believed me except the functional doctor. I think that when I told them I no longer had pain they thought I was nuts. They disagreed that the thyroid was related to the back pain but clearly it was for me.

Chinie in reply to Katurajo1

Thankyou going to ask doctor about my thyroid

What is your occupation? Has it involved heavy lifting? Do you do prolonged sitting or driving? Could you have fallen in the past & forgotten about it?

If you eat a lot of high oxalate foods (many oxalate tables online) consider lowering your intake of them for two weeks to see if that helps. How is your daily water intake?

My go to when I & my doctor, (& second opinion doctor PRN) can’t resolve my pain is a seasoned Alexander teacher.

Chinie in reply to Clarrisa

I got finished from work with it going to a have look at these tablets thankyou

Clarrisa in reply to Chinie

Addition: Run all your medications by a pharmacist to check for any interactions. Review your medications carefully for their adverse reactions & side effects if you haven’t in awhile.

Chinie in reply to Clarrisa

Thankyou x

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