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Thyroid cancer news for anyone from Mooresville, NC


When I was 22, I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Like anyone who gets bad news, I always wondered: Why me? Why now? What happened?

Turns out it may have been environmental factors from the town where I grew up. See link below for article about the cancer “hotspot” in North Carolina, where women are getting diagnosed with thyroid cancer quite young and at three times the average rate.

I just read this article, and since this is a website where people go to figure out thyroid weirdness, I figure there’s a decent chance someone else might find the information relevant, now or in the future.

Thanks y’all.

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When my mother was first diagnosed with breast cancer there was a cluster of women in her area who all had it and we wondered if there was a connection. Nobody else in her family had suffered with the disease and no one else has since her death so it is not genetic. I did some research into her family tree and found out her father's mother died of throat cancer but years ago there were not any tests for cancer so whether that was a secondary cancer I do not know. My Mother died in the1980s and breast cancer treatment has come a long way since then and women are living longer with the disease. I have been on the screening programme for 30 years now and touch wood I have no signs of the disease.

Also when I was researching why I had thyroid disease I came across a support group of women in the US who blamed the Mirena coil for their thyroid disease. I was given the Mirena coil in my 40s and then I started to get symptoms so I had it removed. This included hair loss, spots, hair on my face and bleeding ... I also put on weight and I blamed the coil and insisted they remove it. I don't know if I already had the disease then and the coil made it worse or if it actually contributed to it. I have friends who think the Mirena is great but I felt depressed and actually had an inflammed cervix because of it. I also found out a lot people of Irish descent have thyroid disease because of the potato famine. Someone in the US told me a lot people who were related to their native Indians also had it because they were starving years ago and the body goes into starvation mode. I really don't know what caused by thyroid disease I wish I did.

I was told the effects of Chernobyl in the U.K. could have caused mine.

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