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Lot of symptoms and don't know what is the disease.

So, It all started when i was studying when i was completing my graduation. I got small pain in chest. Which then after some days increased and resulted in heart palpitations. My heart beat used to get increased but all test (ECG, 2D Echo, Stress test, Chest Xray) Turn out to be normal.

This symptoms still some times scares me..Now few days back i started feeling chest pain at two points which used to pain when i used to touch that points.. Also the pain went to my left hand till fingers.. More over now i also feel some nerves tinkling in jaw (very mild). Now i also started feeling like fainting and my throat gets dry and then i have to drink water..

Anyone knows what can be the cause or any test should i do ( Blood test was normal)

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Sounds like anxiety disorder. Have you been to your gp and told them all of the symptoms you have just listed?


They also say it might be due to stress.. but one or the other symptoms keeps me worried about my health. I am just 23. Maybe i should do some more extensive tests like mri or ct scan if things dont change.


Cbt therapy might help x


Definitely sounds anxiety related. About 4-5 years ago I used to get the same issues. The problem is the symptoms themselves cause anxiety which only serves to exacerbate the problem. The chest pains (in my case) I discovered were caused by trapped gas (and felt in the heart region), the gas was created because of the anxiety. The more anxious I got about the symptoms the more I would feel them in my left arm too. Over the years the symptoms have subsided, honestly without any real change of mindset or lifestyle. I'm not sure why.


Did you have a 24 hour Holter monitor? I would also take up meditation - excellent for stress and heart health (TM/Vedic/Twenty Minutes) is easier than Mindfulness/Buddhist and do it twice a day working up to 20 mins each time. You can do extra if you feel ill.


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