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I know people can't post links here, but I'm trying to find a reliable/real online pharmacy that accepts EU prescriptions via photos. I want to purchase Thyroid (Equivalent to ARMOUR THYROID) or Armour. I have huge problems with levothyroxine and I think I'm out of options. I'm in EU and in my country, no such things are sold. Any tips or IMs are welcome. I hope I'm not breaking the rules.

Thanks for spending time reading this.


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I would have thought that any respectable pharmacy would want to see the physical prescription, not a photo. I know that the German pharmacy that accepts UK prescriptions for liothyronine require the prescription to be posted to them before they will send the tablets.

There are places that accept photos. It's faster. I'm not buying cocaine after all. I can make a photo holding the prescription, np ... I can even make a video. The problem is that online pharmacy scams are huge.

Any EU pharmacy 'may' dispense a prescription originating in another EU country, but of course, aren't obligated to. However they will dispense only against the original, not a photocopy. The other issue is whether they are willing to have the nuisance of posting the meds internationally, or at all. I know of one High Street UK pharmacy that routinely dispenses both NDTs and T3 including Thybon Henning, and posts within the UK. I will pm you their details so that you might check with them direct, about posting to your country. I will also include details of another source.

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Thanks! I'm willing to post the prescription (via mail) I guess. I found it waste of time, but if no other choice .. :(

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It's a perfectly sensible rule,to stop prescription abuse. I've sent you the pm.

I have sent you a PM I forgot to say this is ordered without any prescription.

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