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Levothyroxine and antihistamines

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Please can anyone advise me if it is ok to take antihistamines with Levo?

Suddenly I am having trouble getting my regular anti depressant (clomipramine 10mgx3) in a make that is not Teva (it causes itching).. I have phoned around loads of chemists and they all say they can only get teva and to take it with antihistamines to sort out the horrible itching.(as an aside I do wonder if my longstanding depression/anxiety were symptoms of poor thyroid function)

I'm not happy about it but feel I don't have any choice. The last few months the awful thyroid fatigue has started to lift and I am doing a bit more 'normal' and am anxious that if the GP changes my Anti depressant or I add antihistamines that I will suffer a setback.

I'm so grateful for you all on this forum.

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Take the anti-histamine one hour before levo. You should be o.k.

Re your anti-depressant? Has your doctor checked both your Frees? i.e. FT4 and FT3. If T3 is too low that could be the cause of 'depression' but I doubt doctors are aware of this.

These are two links:



I’ve just realised I haven’t thanked you shaws.

I decided to stop the antidepressant under active thyroid has probably been a big part of my depression, so now my Frees are finally in upper half of range I’ve stopped taking them. Have had some withdrawal symptoms (a bit snappy ) but also had a stinker of a cold for nearly two weeks.

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shawsAdministrator in reply to StillEverHopeful

No thanks are necessary :)

If we've been on other medications, sometimes a gradual reduction rather than 'cold turkey' might be better. FT3 is a good test but not done on the NHS (if you are in the UK) but the fact that you feel better is good.

I managed to get my GP to do T3 after a medichecks test said it was boarder line low in range 😀 and I’m in the UK 🇬🇧. I was also referred to an Endo who I have a review with in a few weeks and she has included in t3 bloods again.

I was on the lowest dose possible for the antidepressant & hadn’t stopped before as I didn’t want to alter too many things at once, so not too much cold turkey rather just not being able to choose when.

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shawsAdministrator in reply to StillEverHopeful

Yes I think you're doing the correct thing. Good luck that your appointment goes well.

Mentalhealthdaily/levothyroxine adverse reactions..

We have to take a stand against shite t4 brands and the toxicity there causing.

Masking the side effects with ...belive me in the past 7 years I've had most psychiatric medications..

Penny dropped ,Good luck on your Mission 🚀x

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StillEverHopeful in reply to

I have a note on my levo and a specific antidepressant prescription saying “not Teva” the chemist can provide levo in another make but the antidepressant there is a supply issue and currently only in Teva. I have now stopped the antidepressant and waiting for withdrawal symptoms to pass... but I also have cold/cough which could be reason for some symptoms. Hoping once cold passes all withdrawal symptoms will too.

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