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Medicheck finger prick blood not inverting

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Hi all I've received my thyroid testing kit & had no problems filling to the first line of the collection tube but struggled getting enough blood to reach the second, now the blood wont invert when I turn the tube upside down. Does anyone know if it's still okay to be tested/used? Worried I took too long & messed up.

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Have only done one test with them, but had the same difficulty and the result came back without apparent problem. Others will hopefully have more advice for you.

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Ah thank you good to know you had the same problem & it worked out for you. Hopefully it will be fine. Thanks for responding 🙂

Contact medichecks maybe?

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I've just done one this morning, same thing happened to me. I'm sure it's happened to me before and the result came back fine. Nothing you can do other than send it off. If there is a problem that means they can't test your sample successfully, they will let you know and offer to send another kit.

Thanks SeasideSusie that's reassuring to know the same thing has happened to you & you have tested before. Good luck with your results x

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I've had my result back so test was successful even though I couldn't invert. Hopefully yours will have been OK too and that you had enough blood :)

That's great news SeasideSuise! No results for me today but fingers crossed for tomorrow 😅

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Hi SeasideSusie I just received my results today so everything went okay! I have made a post with my results if you would be so kind to offer any advice you have x

Depends whether the tube contains heparin or not. If it doesn't then the blood will clot in the tube.

Some blood tests (eg. for slide work under microscope) need to be kept liquid so a smear can be made on a glass slide. Other tests require the blood to be "nourished" with all manner of preservatives or whatever...that is why you see blood sample tubes with different coloured caps, they all mean the tubes are coated with different chemicals or compounds.

As SeasideSusie says, they will get back to you if something is amiss but I think they expect that microtainer samples by the public at large can take a little longer than the whoosh of a Vacutainer sample taken by a phlebotomist! :)

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Thank you very much spongecat for your detailed reply, I did wonder about the different coloured caps & never knew any of that! It certainly did take a lot longer than it would by a phlebotomist lol which had me in a bit of a panic but it's done now. I read a good tip about repeircing the first spot lanceted rather than using a different finger so I can try that next time if it needs redoing 😄

Yes my blood went too thick before I could invert and they tested no problems. Not sure about the quantity though!

That's good, hopefully I'm worrying for nothing. I realise my mistake in wording it, I did eventually reach the second line but it was 15mins after the first one & pricking 3 more fingers lol.

Don’t worry if they can’t get results they send you another test . A great tip is to put your hand under hot water to get the blood flowing , they sent me another , which I had no problem with when I did as above

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