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Diagnosed with graves been on 20 mg carbimazole and propanalol then 40mgcarbimaxole and 100 mg thyroxine as block and replace - had blood tests now overactive again so back on 20mg carbimazole only and got to have nuclear thyroid scan . Also been told have osteoporosis in spine and hips . Ever time I see endocrinologist seems to get worse ! Blood tests again next week.

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Hi Mellory Sorry to hear about your health difficulties. It sounds really hard and worrying. Are you aware that being hyperthyroid for a extended time can cause osteoporosis? So it’s likely the two conditions are linked.

Have you ever had any time in remission or bring underactive?

How was the Graves diagnosed? Did you have a positive TSI or TRab antibodies test?


How long have you been on Carbimazole? It's quite common in the beginning to be on a high dose the have it reduced only to become hyper again. It takes a while for it to settle and for your levels to be in normal range. Mine have been within range for a few months now but the antibodies are still high.

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