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Hi to everyone(I'm NEW!)...hope to learn loads!

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Hi everyone! I have just been researching stuff about Selenium and its effect on one's wellbeing. I come from a family rich in Thyroid issues, and in my own case, have had no problem with weight gain. This seems like a good thing, but recently, my adult daughter lost a lot of weight suddenly, and began to look skeletal. Alarmed, I set out to examine more closely the nutritional content of her food intake.

It was suggested that her thyroid levels might need regulation/monitoring.

I am particularly interested in the activity of certain trace minerals. I wonder if anyone could recommend a test facility that is happy to dialogue with mere mortals and not just medical professionals?

Appreciate any help in advance, and a very Happy New Year to all!

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Many of us happily use one or other of the laboratories listed at the link below. They are each happy to anwer specific queries regarding say, drawing the blood etc, but as far as I know, they don't enter into dialogue about diagnostic-type matters beyond the report that they provide. As their Drs are trained in the same schools as those that we have dealings with as patients, we find their thyroid advice in particular, is of the same calibre .... hence we post our results on here for feedback.


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Thank you MaisieGray. I will check out the link asap!



family rich in Thyroid issues

One possible cause of the thyroid issues in your family is a genetic condition: Impaired Sensitivity to Thyroid Hormone (more often known as Thyroid Hormone Resistance). It causes hypothyroid symptoms and requires very high T3 levels (often above the top of the normal range) in the body to overcome the resistance.

It can cause many health problems including fibromyalgia, CFS, ME, Coeliac Disease, MS, Heart Disease and depression.

Hi. I got my vitamin bloods all checked via my GP.


Vitamin D







Is cost nothing and I had all the results the following day after giving blood at my local hospital. Zinc just took a little longer about 10 days.



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