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Understanding results!?

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Help!? I’ve ask for a print of recent blood tests, to see if I can spot anything,struggling to understand them, there doesn’t actually look like there has been much thyroid testing done. Suffering with goitre awaiting appointment with consultant.

All the abbreviations tested on the private medicheck website don’t seem to be here on nhs reports. should I just get a full thyroid blood check privately

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No ranges on any of these results

Difficult to read....but looks like several are in bold on WBC (whole blood count)

Anything in bold is out of range

Thank you for your advice, didn’t look like there were many relevant results, I’ll go ahead with private thyroid tests

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SlowDragonAdministrator in reply to LouiseM46

Your GP should be prescribing iron supplements and/or referral to haematology for iron infusion and investigation as to why iron is so low

See GP and ask for treatment for Anaemia, a coeliac blood test, folate, B12, vitamin D and thyroid antibodies tested

If they can't/won't do all these tests, then get any missing ones done privately

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SlowDragonAdministrator in reply to LouiseM46

You need to be eating high levels gluten to be tested for coeliac

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