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Thanks for all your help and happy xmas

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I just want to say i am a neebie and only been on meds for 5 weeks even though i now know ive had symptoms for a good ten years..

If it wasn't for thyroid uk and you guys on here i definitely wouldnt of insisted i got tested and meds from the gp.and having hi antibodies .and i definitely wouldnt of known what to do or how to do it .my xmas would of been much worse.. atleast now i feel better.mabe not perfect and apart from a weird feeling going on in the thyroid a lot of the time my xmas will be much more enjoyable..

Thank you to everyone who has helped me and will hopefully carry on helping and advising..and to everyone with thyroid problems...

Happy xmas and happy new year..

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Carry on the good work then Spotydave and have a Happy Christmas.

Hi j ... I have to admit im not able to help anyone yet.. my knowledge is way way to low.. but mabe in the near future... But the help i have received is amazing... and i can not thank people enough... Joining thyroid uk membership i think is the least i can do to say thank you..

That's my story here too. Thanks for posting. irina

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