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Memory Loss - B12 deficiency or PA

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Hi Seaside Susie, can I trouble u again. I got another TSH test, 8 am and fasting and am listing it below for yr opinion.

TSH 3.43 mIU/L. 0.27 - 4.20

Free Thyroxine 14.300 pmol/L.

12.00 -22.00

I have had a fall since I was last on this site and, so, only got my test done this week at Medichecks. Any help Wld b appreciated.

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You need to type @ then start typing Seasidesusie, a list will appear, click on SSs name and she will be informed 🙂 SeasideSusie

Your FT4 is low in range and the TSH in a healthy person us around 2. No result there to confirn B12 D or PA. Have a read through your previous posts and replies where I have commented before 😊 You still need the FT3 tested and anti-bodies.

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mfrie in reply to Marz

I thought I had the FT3 and antibodies on the medichecks test I had done. Was that simply for the Thyroid uk purposes and not suitable for the PA . If so how would I specify the PA to medichecks?

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Marz in reply to mfrie

You will need to ask your GP for the IFA test - see your last post on the PAS Forum. Yes I did look back and found your other results 😊

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mfrie in reply to Marz

Thanks Marz. Grateful for yr help.

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Your TSH at 3.43 would get you a diagnosis of hypothyroidism in another country (many countries diagnos when TSH hits 3). Unfortunately we have to wait until it's 10 unless there are other factors such as below range FT4 or antibodies raised. Some enlightened doctors will diagnose subclinical hypothyroidism if TSH is between 4 and 10 when symptoms are present, and they should if antibodies are raised.

Thank you susie very much for yr patience and attention.

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