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Well I have taken both these treatments for hypothyroidism and both have pros and cons.

I'm wondering if its ok to take Eltroxin one day followed by Levo the next.

I'm hoping that the build up of irritability and anxiety that I get from Levo only, which in my theory is associated with unused energy created by Levo and the inability of my clapped out old banger to utilise effectively which I think in me creates this nervous energy. And the milder effects from Eltroxin every other day which should I hope keep the bowel open and fully functioning and reduce nervous energy, brain fog ect.

Has any tried this before, how was this for you.

On another note I still have even lousier recovery from exercise on Eltroxin only and my eyes seem very dull and lack that sparkle. I've heard that this my be due to my adrenals so I've stopped riding my bike on the roads to reduce my stress levels any tips on fixing my adrenals would be very welcomed. Merry Christmas all.

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Eltroxine is levo. They are both the hormone T4. They may have different fillers, I don't know, but the active ingredient is the same.

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I can only theorise that the fillers alter digestion rates if at all possible. Just feel really graves after three days of levo but low energy on Eltroxin only.

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It could be that one is slightly stronger than the other. But, I've never heard that fillers alter digestion rates. They're supposed to be inert. Try taking one one day, and one the other, see if you feel better. Whatever it takes, that's my motto! :)

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