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Latest results-any advice?


Hi everyone. Results from tests done three days ago on 75mg PTU per day. It kind of leads me to believe what I’ve been saying which is that my HYPERTHYROIDISM and possibly graves assuming I do in fact have it, is in remission? Is this likely based on my results? These bloods were drawn nearly five weeks after switching to PTU 75mg so it would have been enough time to settle surely?

Tsh 1.97 (0.27-4.2)

T4 17.8 (12-22)

Thanks for taking time to read

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Anyone?? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

They look good, but as you’re still taking PTU, it’s too early to confirm whether you are in remission.

The usual guidance with Graves’ is that you need to take antithyroids for around twelve to eighteen months (if you’re on the titration approach where they gradually reduce the medication, the rule of thumb seems to be at least six months after your results have stabilised in range, and you’ve been on a low dose). Then you stop taking the medication, and they will test you at intervals to see whether you appear to have achieved remission, or whether your levels have shot up again.

I can’t remember, did you have antibodies tested ? (TPO and either TRAb or TSI)?

BTW, there are a lot less of us here with hyper problems, and sometimes I guess we just skim through headings that don’t specify hyper, Graves’, PTU etc, which might explain why you didn’t get any responses. Sorry !

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Thanks for the reply! Do you think that’s the case even on a minuscule dose such as 75mg per day (I cut down to half a tablet 3xper day but am considering going down to 1/4 because I’m still not feeling right) my Endo says I had antibodies test for graves which was positive but when I rang the reception no one could seem to find the results? I have an appointment with him in a few weeks so I’ll find out for sure then.

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I would stick with it until you’ve seen the endo. 75mg PTU is equivalent to 7.5mg carbimazole, and usually people are down to 5mg/day or even less before they come off it. The last thing you want is for your thyroid levels to take off again.

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