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Thyroid nodules

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Hi any information on the above would be appreciated. I always seem to have a hoarse voice on a morning and occasionally feelings of tightening in my throat affecting swallowing... this isn’t a big problem though. I had an ultrasound yesterday and The radiographer said all looked ok and I had a few small nodules on my thyroid. I take 50mcg Levothyroxine for an under active thyroid gland... could this be feeding the nodules... anyone able to advise please..


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Dear PamBow, I’m sorry I cannot advise you, but I can tell you that I have a 2 cm nodule and a few small ones in my thyroid. Many years ago I had a large cyst near my wind pipe that went hard and over three years it went smaller and smaller until it was like a small marble. This came and went without any medication. What causes nodules I cannot think, but if the radiographer said it looked ok I would be happy with that. One cannot even think of the number of people who take Levothyroxine. If that was the case I believe it would soon be discontinued and another preparation made to take its place.

Perhaps a talk with your doctor outlining the feelings and discomfort you have would either find what it is and get it seen to, or he will put your mind at rest. Val

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Thanks for your input Vbgr. I feel this site is an excellent source of info .

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