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Have done a finger prick blood sample today. Need to input "sample sent" date on mymedichecks.com. How do I do it?

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This is my third sample and yet I still struggle with the above. Once i find out how to do it, I will write simple instructions to myself for the future😊. Previously I've had to phone Medichecks with enquiries about the test procedure so actually have never needed to input the date in the way instructed in the leaflet.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Best wishes to all


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You log into your account and on the left hand menu there's a heading "Samples". Click on that and it will bring up any tests with samples outstanding. Click on the test, it will have the reference number, then it says "Click to set time and date". Just enter the date and that's it.

Thanks so much Susie. Where it says set time and date, does it mean time of posting, time of drawing blood or the current time?

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SeasideSusieAdministrator in reply to Caroline888

I always put the time of doing the test. The report with the results will say "Sample Date", it doesn't give the time, and it's all the same day anyway - blood draw and posting the sample off.

Thank you so much. You’re an absolute gem! I’m really grateful.

Best wishes


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