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Some gainsaying doctor / purveyor of statins / smug t*sser&etc has attempted to have Malcolm Kendrick's Wiki page deleted.

Really? From Wiki? When he has written so perfectly of the sh*t we go through, drmalcolmkendrick.org/2015/... additional to his work on cholesterol and drug trials?

If I knew how wiki works I'd refute the allegations of 'Skeptic from Britain' - in any event, 'Britain' seems a maligned term, de nos jours eg 'Britain First'

Put it away, skeptic and someone who knows what they're doing...please sort this out.

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I don't know how Wiki works, either! I've had a look round, but can't make head nor tail of it. But, surely they won't delete anything on the say-so of just one person (although I do know some sites where that happens!)

I'm sure there are lots of computer-savvy people on here that can work it out, though. And I'm sure they'll be only to willing to add their voice to the opposition! :)

Have you read the Wiki page "Contributing to Wikipedia", which is, in effect, a How To Manual; and its link to its tutorials? Also there's a downloadable "Editing Wikipedia" on the same page.

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Rapunzel in reply to MaisieGray

Well done to you MaisieGray if you have the smarts to do this without your eyes glazing over at this time of night 😴

There are quite a lot of these "skeptics" around. They have an agenda, though I'm not quite sure what it is.

Yes I have already posted a reply on his site. Disgusting he is so informative.

The trouble that all these wikis are actually controlled by a few people who say who can be an editor and quickly delete and block anyone who disagrees with them. The days when they truly were an encyclopedia put together by altruistic experts have long gone.

Wiki editor Captain Skeptic doesn’t present his bonafides but is able to rip another’s. How sad. Wikipedia started as a citizen science project. It expects those in the communities to review and correct each other. But as it has become more and more complex, albeit a wonderful source of information, it has also become more difficult and time consuming to become involved. I once went through all the hoops to become a page author about a veterinarian who soundly deserves international recognition. My work was so repeatedly shot down by “editors” that after a few revisions I finally gave up. And remember - anyone who posts information on a blog or forum which goes against the conventional institution-speak opens themselves up to attacks from bots like Captain Skeptic. These bots make it their full time job to seek and destroy.

IMO The best defense is to keep doing what you are doing - sharing quality information here and on any other media you’re active on and sharing links to articles from qualified people like Dr. Kendrick’s drmalcolmkendrick.org/2015/...

Patti in AZ

Fortunately, or unfortunately depending how you look at it, Wikipedia has never been a particularly reliable source of information... indeed, if you are doing any university level studies, you are actually warned that you will lose marks were you to cite it as a reference. It’s too easy for people to edit and put up their own agendas on any subject. Thankfully, if you ‘Google’ Malcolm Kendrick, you will be given a whole range of options, including his own webpage, that are a whole lot more accurate than Wiki!

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Rapunzel in reply to Zephyrbear

Ah no, you don't need to Google anymore. I'm a writer of sorts; every freaking day I get half a dozen people sending me e mails through my website to let me know that they can write my dissertation for me...I'd like to see them try. Most of them claim to be published authors of technical books translated into several languages 🤓 My @rse 🤨

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