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Writing, on behalf, of my Mother


My Mother is allergic to Gluten, and Lactose, along with a few 'combination' allergies. She can't have broccoli and swede together, or melon and pineapple in the same meal.

We are both 'away', this coming week, so I will mention this 'Forum' to her. If she is willing then I will Apply to you, on her behalf, when we return.


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Hi Andrew does she have a thyroid issue?

Hi Andrew, not sure whether or not your mum has thyroid issues but there is also a very good HU group called Gluten Free Guerrillas that might be useful for her or else Coeliac UK - coeliac.org.uk which I have found really helpful.

I’m a member although I’ve never tested to see if I’m coeliac, I just don’t eat gluten at all to reduce my thyroid antibodies. That site is well worth the subscription. Hope that’s of some help for you.

I suspect that part of my issues with foods could be due to limited ability to break histamine down. Histamine Intolerance is due to the lack of the enzyme that does this. Maybe look at whether your mum has symptoms of histamine Intolerance. There are many 'hacks' to deal with it if it is only mild.

I seem to have 'Posted' this enquiry, to the wrong place......Quite HOW, I'm not too sure.....!

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