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Had an appointment with new GP with an unrelated problem who said l need to reduce my dose of Thyroxin . My now retired GP was quite happy for me to keep on the dose l've had for many years despite the blood test showing I'm overtreated. I was fit and healthy with no tiredness, now on the reduced dose l'm always tired. So I've gone from having no health problems for years to finding life somewhat difficult. I did try to say l was happy on the original dose,but felt pushed into reducing it.

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What were your results? Did this new doctor just look at the TSH? Doctors seem to learn less and less about thyroid in med school, these days. You have to be prepared to fight to keep the dose you feel well on. Doctors shouldn't just reduce your dose without your consent, it should be a joint decision between the two of you. Doctors are there to advise, not to dictate.

My advice would be to try and get your old dose reinstated as soon as you can. It can be hard to get back to where you were.

Going back to the doctor and saying how ill you've been is one option. Be prepared to beg, shout, cry, and go in many times hassling them. If that doesn't work, see if you can over order prescriptions and get enough extra to go back to your old dose on your own.

This is a story we hear on the forum all the time, a person who has been well for years or decades having their dose reduced, and then spending years trying to get back to where they were :(

I told the surgery that I had left levo on holiday one time and accidentally threw it out with the rubbish another time. Other excuses followed not too close together so now I have 4 months supply in hand should the gp decide to be stupid again. Thankfully one of the endo team I have seen recently spoke golden words. He said the aim when treating the thyroid is to make the patient feel well. 😀 I still keep my supply as I never know when I might loose the good one and end up with a donkey again. Download and print the links on here ( Dr Toft is a great one) and leave it with your doctor. They need a bit of a shake on times. Good luck and I hope you manage to convince them not to treat the numbers but to listen to the patient.

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