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Weight loss experiences after stopping carbimazole?

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What are your experiences on weight loss after stopping carbimazole? Were you able to lose weight and go back to your normal weight? And with what difficulty?

I’ve been on carbimazole for around 14 months, and I hopefully will be able to completely halt taking it next month, and all the weight I’ve gained has killed my self confidence. I’ve always been a very skinny person, even before the mass weight loss occurred prior to being diagnosed. I had always been an unhealthy eater, and boy could I eat, but I was somehow always skinny. Fast metabolism I suppose.

Once I began noticing weight gain, I started a healthier diet for the first time, not strict, but the healthiest I had ever done, and started exersizing very regularly. But it was impossible, and was still gaining. Eventually, my carbimazole dosage decreased and the weight stabilised.

Now I’m taking 1 tablet a day, and was told I should be able to stop completely next month.

I’m desperately hoping that once I stop taking carbimazole, my weight will go down to a level in which I’m not ashamed to remove my shirt with the help of a good diet, exersize and my very friendly metabolism.

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Hi James,

It's awful isn't it, I feel your pain. I too gained a lot of weight, I've been on Carbimazole for 3 years now, even tried coming off for 6 months but the Graves returned. For the past year and a bit I have been on a low course of Carbimazole and I am now on 5mg every other day. In January, I tipped the scales at a 3 stone gain, I was very depressed. I joined Slimming World and yes I have to be strict to see a loss but I have now lost over 3 stone since January and I have set a 4 stone target which I hope to achieve by Christmas. It is doable but you have to change how you eat, I really had to change my ways. I wish you luck :)

I know what you are going through. I have had Graves for the past 3 years, going to 4 now. After the weight loss because of Graves, I was put on carbimazole 40mg/day, and the weight started piling. I put on 12kg. I started seeing a weight loss when my dosage was reduced. Im now on 7.5mgr per day. If I reduce to 5mg, I go hypo. For me completely stopping carbimazole is not an option, at least for the moment. What has helped me with the weight is to also watch my diet. I do a LOW, (not NO) carb diet and this has helped me a lot. I have lost 10kg so far. I'm not sure whether this works for everyone but its well worth trying.

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