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Final Doc diagnosed "Hypo"

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Good day,

I'm losing weight pretty quick lately and facing a swallowing issues,

Earlier been to GB. we talked for a while about the swallowing issue, and the weight loss! Is it something that hypothyroidism can cause, random fever he said "probably" now what do I do whit such a description "probably"

Took a look at my Latest lab test regarding THYROID

( tsh 10.75 range >7 ) ( t4 8.89 range 4.8/12.0 mgml ) ( t3 1,27 range 0.7/2.1 ng/ml )

He wants to put me on LThyoxin n re-test after a month! Advised me to get it started tomorrow morning,

Well I tried to question him, do I have to include FT3-FT4-F3-F4-TPO-TG-VIT.D, other nutrients tests! he said no need to, only TSH test is required after a month

He did an ultrasound scan, he said my thyroid is in the perfect ship, asked for a referral to ENT Consultant with regards to throat problem, he said no, let's get it started with LThyroxin 50mg daily, then re-test n find out any symptoms laater on

Notice : I'll be taking Lthyroxin for the first time in my life, is it a reliable dose to get it started by 50 mg! What about my swallowing issues n the weight loss! Should I ignore him n find a private ENT consultant!

Thank you :)) :( :(

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He's made a good start - although he obviously doesn't know much about thyroid. 50 mcg is a starting dose, but one normally retests after 6 weeks rather than 4.

All the tests you mentioned are very necessary - with the exception of T3 - doesn't give you any useful information - rather than TSH only!

Weight-loss and swallowing problems can most definitely be hypos symptoms - although the problem is that, like with all other symptoms, they could be due to 'something else'. You well find out if they go away when you are optimally medicated.

So, if I were you, I'd go with what he says until he says something stupid. It's doubtful that you'd find an ENT consultant that knew any better, anyway. Before I was diagnosed, I had terrible throat problems - losing voice, constant cough, sore throat, lump in my throat, and difficulty swallowing. Saw an ENT to told me I was imagining it because there was nothing wrong with me! lol

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jamalka in reply to greygoose

Ma'am, please advise, when arrived back home, around 3:00 PM I went to a local LAB, to re-test TSH exactly at 3:33 PM today, TSH level was 3.30 mIU/mL range 0.25 - 5 mIU/mL :( now what should I do, re-test at saturday morning or get it started with Lthyroxine tomorrow!! Thanks for your response, but I'm starving for the second one kindly :( :( :(

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greygoose in reply to jamalka

Your TSH would be higher if done early in the morning, for sure. But a TSH of over three is hypo, so start the levo tomorrow. :)

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jamalka in reply to greygoose

Thank you ma'am :) here we go hypo hypo lols. off straight to the pharmacy :)

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greygoose in reply to jamalka

You're welcome. :)

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jamalka in reply to greygoose

I'm back :D one more thing ma'am kindly, I bought berlthyrox 50 ug, is it the right one! Doc didn't mention that there are serval types of Lthyroxine, n which one to buy, so I bought Berlthyrox 50 ug.. Is it the right one!!

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greygoose in reply to jamalka

I have never heard of berlthyrox. But, no-one can tell in advance which one is going to suit you. It's a question of trial and error. If that one doesn't suit you, try another. The active ingredient - T4 - doesn't change, but the fillers possibly will.

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jamalka in reply to greygoose

9th Lthryoxine pill 50 mg, it feels good no longer swelling throat, no further symptoms exists, I feel good, but hey ma'am! How about having a tough dyssynergic defecation! squeezing the hardest but barely it feels not empty yet, n guess what since started Lthyroxine treatment I started to eat alot n more than usual, a good appetite, but one tough constipation! Could you lend me an advice ma'am!

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greygoose in reply to jamalka

High doses ove vit C. And magnesium citrate, 400 mg.

If you've only been on levo 9 day, it is very, very early days. I'm afraid there are no miracles. You just have to wait for the levo to convert to T3 and do it's work. Could take some time, and several increases in dose. So, patience is the key word! :)

50mcg dose of Levothyroxine is a usual start dose.

You need to take it on its own, with water only, one hour before food and drink. Try to take the same time every day (early morning ok?).

Those results say your TSH is over range but your T4 & T3 and in range AND mid-range - not low in range.

You could ask again for the Thyroid Antibodies blood tests (TPO & Tg) say you would like to know if you have Autoimmune Thyroiditis (Hashimoto's ).

Try asking again for Vitamin D, B12, Folate and Ferritin to be tested. Say you would like to know if you have any deficiencies that need prescribed supplements. If you want to - you could say you understand that nutrients levels need to be optimal for the Levothyroxine to work well.

You could ask your doctor about the High TSH results but mid-range T4 and T3 results.

Or perhaps someone may come along on here who knows more about that than I do.

I do know, however, that with Hashimoto's the regular Thyroid Function blood tests results can fluctuate and fall within normal range. But you have one abnormal and two ok.

Ma'am, thanks for pointing it out for the mid-range levels of T3 n T4, right after I got back home around 3:00 PM, I went to another lab to re-test TSH level before I get it started with LThyroxine tomorrow morning, Surprising TSH level was 3.30 mIU/mL range 0.25 - 5 mIU/mL :( I'm crying out loud, should I get it started with Meds or should I wait for Saturday morning n re-test once again!

That's up to you .

And for you to decide if you wish to take your doctor's advice.

Why did you go to your doctor?

I am not medically qualified. I would never tell a stranger what to do.

What time of day did you have your first test ? What time of day the second test? Later than 3pm?

TSH varies as the day goes on (I have learned from reading on here).

It's best to have tests done as early as possible in the morning and fast till after test. Also to have repeat tests same time of day .

You won't know if you have Hashimoto's Autoimmune Thyroiditis unless you have the Thyroid Antibodies blood tests. It's helpful to know if you have Autoimmune Thyroiditis , treatment won't be different but regular tests do fluctuate and fall within normal range with this Autoimmune condition.

If I were you then I would ask the doctor about the mid-range T4 and T3 with Above range TSH.

I wouldn't waste money doing blood tests in the afternoon.

Did you ask your doctor to investigate your weight loss. On another post did you say you had stopped losing weight?

Losing weight is still out pending in the mean while, till Sunday morning an appointment with ENT Consultant, to have a deeper look n find out what were missing, I think my doc did the right, I'll get it started with berlthyrox 50 ug :) no TPO further tests till the end of the month Doc said, I'm giving him a nudge I'll try it hopefully it gets better, ma'am I do madly appreciate your help and I want to thank you for each response of yours, thank you ma'am :))

The " hello Doktor " website has an excellent article on Berlthyrox.

I Googled searched " is Berlthyrox actually levothyroxine " & it popped up.

You probably have a patient information leaflet in the packet anyway.

Berlthyrox is just a brand name of Levothyroxine in your country.

Also ug is the same as microgram (mcg).

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