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Acerola Cherry Vit C dose versus other Vit C source dose


I've just started taking Cytoplan Cherry C. I bought it because it's a wholefood supplement and on having read up, it contains high levels of Vit C.

One capsule contains 800mg whole Acerola Cherry Powder which provides 200mg Vit C.

Having previously taken Solgar Vit C at a dose of 2000mcg, I wondered as Acerola Cherry is wholefood & has a higher Vit C content, would the recommended dose of 2 capsules (equating to 400mg Vit c) be enough compared to Solgar.

My diet is good & includes veg fruit & orange juice.

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Sorry you had no replies. This may be because your post was missed or simply because no one had any relevant info.

If you still need help you could try posting again


Bless you, thanks for replying, forgotten all about it to be honest 😊 We ask so many different questions you can't possibly expect them to all be answered, no worries 😉

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