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SIBO test what to avoid before test?


Previously I posted where to buy SIBO test I finally found and ordered thanks to suggestions everyone.Now while test is on its way is there anything I should start to avoid two weeks before test ? I heard I should avoid anti-fungals and probiotics ? I use Fushi Reishi mahroom and Guggul mahroom also Uva Ursi are those anti-fungals? Also my nutritionist asked me to start Nutri Advanced Berberine &grapefruit complex ? anyone please give me some advice ?

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Directions may vary between labs but, if you ordered via Biolab as I suggested, the directions are only "The patient should not have eaten slowly digesting foods such as beans and bran on the day before the test and should have fasted for 14 hours prior to the test, with only water to drink. Vigorous exercise, smoking or sleeping should be avoided immediately before, or at any time during the test". See link:

Re another question you asked, Uva Ursi is an antibacterial/antibiotic for killing bacteria not an anti-fungal for killing fungi. Ive just started using UU for killing 3 bacterial identified in my stool test including potential pathogens. Note that Berberine was another, less-effective option according to my results. I suggest you check with your nutritionist to make sure youre not duplicating supplements with similar effects - if only for cost reasons. If you advise me which bacteria have been identified in your stool tests (as I previously asked), I may be able to help further.

userotc in reply to userotc

In my last point, I was only referring to the bad bacteria e.g. potential pahogens.

Ari3 in reply to userotc

I had klebsiella pneumonia was pathogenic one.

In gastrointestinal microbiome -desulfovibrio piger, Escherichia colli was High and two of them -Akkermansia muciniphila ,Butyrivibrio crossotus was low both .She gave me UVA Ursi for two weeks two capsules a day and Nutri-Advanced Berberine + Grapefruit Seed Broad spectrum herbal formula for three month course as I had bacterial imbalance

userotc in reply to Ari3

That's interesting. Re Potential Pathogens, I also have Klebsiella (oxytoca species) and also Enterobacter (cloacae). Genova advised that the Uva Ursi should remove both of those plus non-pathogenic Candida albicans which was also found this time. My nutritionist agreed I take UU for 2-week period(s) along with probiotics for my bacterial imbalance (Kefir Complex 1 month then Biokult Advanced strain daily).

Some practitioners favour combined antibiotics and/or probiotics but my nutritionist doesnt - if it doesnt work, I may elect to combine and/or change them.

Ari3 in reply to userotc

Did u do the test on your own or u have ur nutritionist ?m who gives u directions ?

I’m on day two Uva Ursi and pain has dramatically subsided. I had uti infections all the time like in three months twice and very heavy infections .that bacteria can inhibit in different places I remember I couldn’t breath properly I thought it affected my air ways and moved to UTI (urinary side) causing me so much pain lower abdomen .

Iam not having probiotics iam having Nutri advanced Barbarian and grapefruit complex with it as barbaric is also thing which kills that bad bacteria .

userotc in reply to Ari3

For gut, I get some guidance from nutritionist as it is complex. I don't have UTIs. Makes sense to use UU for that but also said to be good antibiotic more generally and identified by Genova for my pathogens.

Yes I thought you were on other antibiotic as well (berberine). This was also indicated by Genova but a bit less effective for my pathogens.

I assume you're not on probiotic supplements because its thought you have enough in diet (but I do also) or maybe your nutritionist believes in focusing on killing the bad. Mine seems to prefer increasing the good also, maybe because good bifidobacteria reduced from last year. I can understand both views.

I wasn't given any directions before I did mine, which is possibly why it was negative. I would avoid probiotics and "bug killing" supplements like artemisinin/wormwood, cloves, etc. I had to drink a really sickly thick liquid and then blow into a tube attached to a computer about every half hour for several hours, so take a book - it is very boring!

Iam so sorry to hear that that u didn’t have any instructions may I ask why?

NHS didn't give any.

That is very sad :-( are u thinking to do another attempt ?

No. Seems pointless, plus NHS said that the only thing they'll do now is to test for Crohns, which I'm pretty sure I don't have

Can’t u afford to do private SIBO I just bought one it was £159

Don't see the point. I would have to self treat and I can do botanical treatments without needing to know whether I actually have it or not. I don't think you can buy the breath tests privately in my area.

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