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Hi there

I was prescribed levthyroxine yesterday after visiting the GP. My TSH has been high for a few years now but increases with each test and in the last few years I have developed several symptoms of hypothyroidism. I've been prescribed 50mg for the first four weeks when we'll review and I understand that it may take some time for me to see a difference.

One of my symptoms that leaves me feeling bad is slow heart rate, this dropped to 44 while at work on Thursday. Has anybody here had bradycardia that improved with medication? How long did it take?

I have seen a cardiologist and had a heart MRI and several other checks and that's all healthy.


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Hello noreek - it's pretty common with hypo. I had both a low and at times very erratic heartbeat before starting on thyroxine. For me it worked at correcting that problem so with luck you will get the same benefit.

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