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3 days post rai tratment


Diagnosed Graves over 2 years ago . Was on low dose carbimzole with view to coming off completely then had a massive relapse in March and out on 40 mg carbimzole and every time tried to reduce the dose my levels shot back up . Just about became stable end July and had radio iodine treatment on Thursday felt sick and had very bad head ache for a day after . I am now feeling hot and sweaty all the time I was like this the first time I had an episode 2 years ago is this normal heart rate fine and have no tremors . Any body felt like this ?

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After RAI some people can experience transient hyperthyroid symptoms lasting several days to some weeks, it should hopefully settle but contact your Endo if you are worried.

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Thank you . Did think this also but probably give them a call in the morning .

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