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Carbimazole update


I am now on day 4 if taking 20mg of carbimazole, i followed some peoples advice and split the dose

I’m not feeling any different. I’m still sweating buckets, still anxious and tired

But hopeful that’s it might work.

One thing I just wanted to ask is I do have had some swollen glands appear behind my ears? Probably nothing, they aren’t painful at all

Thank you I hope everyone is ok

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The Patient Information Leaflet for one Carbimazole product in the UK says:

Stop taking Carbimazole tablets and tell your doctor immediately if you experience any of the following symptoms:

• angioedema, a serious allergic reaction with symptoms that may include swollen tongue, lips, face or throat

• lung problems, with symptoms that include shortness of breath or cough

• kidney problems, with symptoms that include a reduction in the amount of urine passed, fluid retention and blood in the urine • sore throat • mouth ulcers • high temperature or fever

• significant tiredness

• increased bruising or bleeding tendency

• you are feeling generally unwell or think that you may have an infection

• Deadly skin disease (TENS or Stevens-Johnson Syndrome). Symptoms of these will include cough, aching, headaches, feverishness, red rash across the face and the trunk of the body.

Some tests should be performed to check for bone marrow depression before restarting your treatment. Bone marrow depression causes a reduction in the number of blood cells and reduces the ability to fight infection. If it is not treated as soon as it is detected the condition could become life-threatening.

Tell your doctor immediately if you experience: Carbimazole can also affect your muscles or the liver (causing jaundice and inflammation of the liver). Under medical supervision, the drug should be stopped and blood tests performed. Symptoms of these will include the following:

• muscle aches or pains

• notice yellowing of your skin or the whites of your eyes

• nerve pain

swollen lymph nodes or swelling of the glands in your mouth

• feeling faint (low blood sugar

If you believe you are suffering swollen lymph nodes - follow the advice. Tell your doctor immediately

in reply to helvella

I have at least 5 or 6 of these symptoms which are all symptoms of Grave's disease anyway - I think the important thing is if they rapidly get worse, you should seek immediate medical advice.

While this is hot, sticky, exhausting, sweat inducing weather - or it is where I live and the fact that it could take a while for your symptoms to go away, it took me three months on 40mcg carbimazole and I’m sure I’ve written before that I didn’t start to feel ‘normal’ again until I started taking levothyroxine.

Even allowing for that if I were you I would definitely see your GP as soon as possible and talk about the swollen glands. You really need a blood test to check out your white blood cells.

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