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Metoprolol and light headed

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Hi, I have been taking metoprolol tartrate, 75mg twice a day. I also take methimizole, 10mg twice a day, Eliquis 5mg twice a day and Xanax as needed. Started it all because of hyperthyroid and went into A Fib. I have noticed the last several days my heart rate has been dropping into the 50's at night. I have spells of feeling dizzy in the daytime and my heart rate is usually in the 60's at that time (fitbit). Does this seem low? I was thinking I might need to lower the dose somewhat but I don't want to go back into A fib. I have a call into my dr but haven't heard back at this time. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

I would like to add that I have been having a ton of anxiety/nervousness, so not sure if that is making me light headed.

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I also take that same beta blocker u do. It says on my bottle can cause dizziness. What do u take for your afib?

I take metoprolol, 50mg ( was on 75) twice a day. It did make me dizzy and lightheaded but my body has now adjusted to it (it has been about 6-7 weeks). I did reduce my dose though because my blood pressure was also very low. I just got new blood work back and I am now hypo. She had me stop the methimizole for 2 weeks and retest my blood again. I will say I am very nervous that I will go back hyper during that time and into Afib. I even called the endo twice just to make sure we were making the right move about stopping the dose instead of cutting back but she said stop.

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