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So I had a Hemithyroidectomy & isthmusectomy on Tuesday had no complications apart from an extra scar due to “an extra flap of skin”!

I’ve recently started to feel like I’ve got a lump in my throat when ever i swallow! Is this normal? I’m very new to all this as never had a problem with my thyroid before, I’m reading all your posts & literally starting to scare myself into thinking I will have all these problems! Is there a chance the rest of my thyroid can function well without medication? Many thanks for any advice given ☺️

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Sometimes swelling after thyroidectomy can make it feel like you have a lump in your throat but if it doesn't clear then contact your GP for advice. If you start to have any problems breathing then go to A&E directly. Most likely it will just settle down but may take a couple of weeks.

You will probably need some levothyroxine although it's possible for thyroid tissue to regrow and take up the missing capacity. It depends whether it's advisable to let this happen and you will only find that out at your follow up visit.

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