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Off topic again but, my friend encouraged her husband to take his moles to the GPs as she had some concern about one of them.

It transpired it was one other which caused the GP to send him to the appropriate dept for a second opinion. Anyway, he saw a locum consultant . Now this concerning mole was on his back. The consultant said he really didn’t know what it was and asked my friends husband what he thought it was ! As you might expect he, my friends husband, was unable to throw any light on this to aid the specialist in the possible diagnosis 🙃😏

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Stupid dermatologists too...why didn't he just remove and send it for biopsy to be sure nothing nasty? Perhaps they've been told not to send 'things' as costs money unless 90% sure it's malignant!

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I'll bet if it was the doctor's wife/daughter/mother that mole would have been removed and on its way to Pathology before we could say Jack Robinson!


Oh for goodness sake. What are they getting paid big money for? Consultants don't get paid peanuts, they should at least be able to know what they're doing and earn their money. It just gets worse :(

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🧐 over to you Watson

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how utterly daft.Poor man coultn even see the mole on his back I presume. I find doctors who say I dont know though tend to be the better ones onthe whole the ones that think they know everything are frankly dangerous.This is the height of daftness though.


You can only laugh at the absurdity of it all. Maybe GP thought gentleman was a contortionist.

It's bad enough for us to diagnose ourselves as hypo, but to be able to puruse, closely, our backs is a step too far :)

Did he say, "I can't see my back? and "Why are you paid so much if you need to ask my opinion?"? *sigh*

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