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"normal" temperature but feel very hot!


im back at the doctors today and will be mentioning this but i thought i would ask for some opinions in the mean time.

(in my last post i mentioned that my tsh was fine, doctors werent concerned but ive got all the symptoms)

ive been keeping track of my body temperature the last few weeks and have found that it averages 35.8C with the highest temp being 36.2C. this week my temperature has shot up to 36.5C and dear lord i feel like im cooking from the inside out. ive never been a very hot person before (srsly on holiday ive always been the person to wear a cardigan whilst others were stripping down to bikinis!) but the last few years ive felt my body really struggle with hotter weather.

so what i want to know is, does anyone else struggle with this and have a low tsh? (im going to ask the doctor today sto redo the tsh and t4, plus the vitamin and mineral tests, fingers crossed he actually listens to me)

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I have Hashimotos and until 6 months ago was treated with levothyroxine only. I was constantly overheating, mainly at night, covers off, covers back on. Not restful sleep!

In January I started T3 (bought privately and without consulting GP or endo) within 4-6 weeks overheating was no longer an issue and still isn't. I am still taking 6.25mcg T3 with my 100 mcgT4. TSH way below 1 and T4 and T3 lower than they should be even now but I am feeling better. All my Vits and minerals are where they should be according to advice here and have been on Gluten free and almost totally dairy free diet for last 5 years. So I think lack of T3 was the cause of my overheating, also constipation. Did tell endo's registrar that but he managed to desist from rolling his eyes!

I am always quoting "anecdotal evidence" but of course NHS doesn't want to know about that. It doesn't fit their narrow parameters, there is no tick box on their computer for it!!!

T3 hasn't cured my cynicism LOL

a couple of years ago i would go to bed with the thickest duvet and socks on, now i cant stand anything and even in sleep will kick off the covers then wake up clammy and sweaty! its the weirdest thing.

its so annoying when you know before you even go to an appointment that youre not going to get the answers you want. urgh. glad to hear the t3 is working for you though!

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How's your B12 levels? Night sweats can be low B12 (or menopause too obviously)

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