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Do I have lyme Disease yes or not?


Hi good people. It's been said that if you have any of these bands in your labs then you have LYME D: 23 31 34 39 83/93; yet my labs didn't: 41KD 41KD; 41KD 58KD. MY labs video:

and even my infection specialist agreed on that; yet she refused to treat me for a possible hidden Lyme D. because the CDC rules that said I should be treated unless I have a positive western blot.

However, I've been told that my body may not present antibodies cause Lyme can leave blog stream go into muscles bones so I won't get a RXN even showing up these tests are over 60 percent inaccurate. They said that should then treat for my symptoms, get a complete health history look at environmental issues; work on food sensitivities; hormone and thyroid imbalances.

And of course I do have all these stuffs since I was diagnosed with Hashimotos. Later on I realized I got candida and last liver and/or gallbladder issues. However, I've read they all can be caused by Lyme in the first instance. So I am kind of in circles.

My symptoms do NOT resemble the typical Lyme D like: Achy, stiff, or swollen joints. Headaches, dizziness, fever. Night sweats and sleep disturbances, Rashes, Cognitive decline etc. However, I DO have:


*tiredness all the time and sleepy

*muscle weakness (possible potassium deficiency)

*borborygm (stomach noises)


*possible gluten sensitivity (yet I tested negative on labs)

*possible candidiasis (yet I tested negative on labs, but in a homemade glass water test I tested positive)

*heartburn that irradiate in my back (h. pylori)

*knees pain (I've read it is caused by candidiasis but also lyme)


*NDT for thyroid (hashimoto, caused for lyme disease accordingly)

*MMS 1000 + DMSO protocol (haven't notice any dramatic changes. I've read it was because candida needs to be treated first).

*easel root (for lyme but without success. I still feel this tiredness all the time)

*Magnesium, pottassium, D3, NAC (for mucin), olive oil (just in case I have fat liver), orange oil, parsley tea with ginger (water retention), and garlic (for h. pylori).

So my question, do you guys think I still have LYME DISEASE yes or not?

ps: I don't have a job nor insurance at the moment to pay for the igenex test, so for now I have to rely on my symptoms.

Thank you for your thoughts.

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Your talking a whole new language to me Xanderusa...thought you were tested positive for Lyme two years idea how many members have Lyme expertise...if you don't get reply perhaps if you pull out the thyroid results/meds/ problems for us to read first you might get a better response! Good luck.

It looks like they did not test antibody bands 31 or 34, which is fairly typical here in the US. Only two labs here test those bands because of a certification issue and false positives because of a vaccine that was never produced.

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