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Help with bloods

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08 Jun 2018

Serum prolactin level


556 mU/L

Normal range

0 - 495


Hi have just started on levothyroxine 25 micrograms had to fight for it but thank you to everyone who help me with my blood results and also informing me that there must be something else going on to have the results I had

As you can see from above these keep coming back high and have been told this is the pertuberity glad and doctor mentioned tumour in this can raise levels he also told me to tell the doctors at hospital to do an MIR scan this had made me worry and I think my gp should ask for this scan not me ?

Can anyone please help me and let me know if there are other reasons for this ( raised blood level)

I do think the tablets are helping and I am glad I told gp I am not waiting for another lot of blood test due to having all the symptoms

I be grateful for your help


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This post has not received any replies on the forum in over ten months. If you still need help, please do post again.

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