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GP appointment for next week


Hi guys

So I’ve managed to book an appointment with my GP for next week because I go for my first blood re test since being diagnosed

From all of your suggestions I’m going to ask;

- to also test for TPO and TG antibodies

- his opinion on attempting to go gluten free

- ask about my neck occasionally feeling a little swollen and alittle uncomfortable

Is there anything else you think I need to ask about or mention to my GP?

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Don't expect your GP to agree about going gluten free. Many GPs deny this will help, they just don't know enough.

You could ask for vitamins and minerals to be tested

Vit D




Your GP may not be able to get TG antibodies tested, it's almost never done in primary care.

Had VitD, B12, folate , ferritin tested? Not sure I'd bother about asking him about going gluten free, doubt if he has heard of it( and you have not been confirmed as Hashimoto's yet)... you can do your own thing re diet without his permission, and if you are diagnosed with thyroid autoimmune antibodies the NHS will never test it again. Important thing from blood results is to get appropriate 25 mcg levo increase and another test in 6 weeks( not 8,10 etc).

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