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Assistance with blood results please


Hi all

This is my first post here; I am a member of the Pernicous Anaemia page (diagnosed 2010, on 6-weekly injections) and recently posted about feeling really fatigued, brain fog etc, and received a lot of helpful replies from some of Thyroid UK's members, who suggested posting the results of a blood test I was intent upon getting done here.

The test flagged up low folate, increased CRP, and insufficient Vit D, but the thyroid results are all within range, I think? I was just wondering whether there is any indication that I should get retested in a number of months or something like that?

I happen to have an appointment with my GP on Thursday so will take the results along with me, but it would be useful to discuss them beforehand so that I know if there is anything I should push for etc.

Many thanks!

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You are vitamin D and folate deficient. Depending on local guidelines your GP may or may not offer vitamin D supplements do check your CCG guidelines. If offered supplements it will likely only be 800 iu which is unlikely to be enough but you can add some of your own.

Seaside Susie gives best advice on vit D supplements

I took 2,500iu vitamin D to bring my levels up but you may need a higher dose for a few months. Check the vitamin D Council website for recommendations.

I supplemented 400mcg of methyfolate for 3 months along with a good B complex to raise folate and now include plenty in my diet and take a maintenance dose of B complex. The pernicious anaemia Healthunlocked forum should be able to advise on folate. GP should offer supplements based on below range results.

You have a slightly raised inflammation marker, you could ask GP why it's raised.

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Thanks so much for the info and especially suggesting I visit the Vitamin D Council's website. I am unsure as to how much exactly I should be supplementing with and don't want to under, or over do it, so that website is particularly useful.

I have an idea as to why my CRP may be slightly elevated but will discuss this further with my GP. I'll have a chat regarding supplementation too but am happy to purchase my own.

Thanks again

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