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Maintaining normal thyroid levels with food- hyperthyroid, Graves disease


Hi does any here able to get off meds and decrease in Gland enlargement size, with tablets. Can the food we eat help this condition? As I have a multinodular goitre and hyperthyroidism, now my specialist is calling it Graves disease.

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Has your specialist actually don't the Grave's antibody tests? TRAB or TSI? If not, he has no right to call it Grave's, and you should insist he does the test. Doctors are too quick to jump to conclusions and give the wrong treatment.

I don't know of any food that helps.

Hi, I had Graves Disease over 40 years ago. They were going to give me iodine to kill the thyroid gland, but I opted for surgery since I was quite young and healthy at the time. When they took it out was so englarged that they asked me to keep it at the hospital for teaching. They could give you some meds to decrease your thyroid levels since you are hyperthyroid... but bear in mind you might go hypothyroid which I did... then it’s a battle of trying to keep weight off.... and now I’m battling with my levels and can’t get to see an endrocoligist.... good luck


What were your latest test results ? (FT4, TSH plus FT3 and antibodies if done). Also ranges for the test, often in brackets after the test result.

If you are in the U.K. and don’t know your test result, your GP surgery should provide this info on request.

When you say your thyroid is enlarged, how do you know this ? Observation, feeling, some kind of test, endo’s comments ?

Have you been prescribed any meds?

Arlenka in reply to Valarian

My thyroid gland was visibly enlarged. My throat was actually swollen. I now take levothyroxine since I’ve had my entire thyroid removed. I posted my blood results earlier on this page.

Sorry to hear u are so sick. I have had hyper/graves disease for 21 years. What are your symptoms for graves? You have to be born with the gene to have graves.

Has no one suggested that you have your thyroid removed? Is your heart beating quickly... racing? I had so much energy when I was hyperthyroid, but I also felt extremely hot and would go outside in the winter in Canada with my coat open, have the heat off in the house....

My thyroid gland was extremely enlarged so much so you could see my throat was swollen. Are you in the UK? Have you gone to an endrocologist?

Valarian in reply to Arlenka

In the UK, they usually let us try at least one course of antithyroids first, to see if our Graves’ will go into remission.

Yes i went to an endo for eight years. He did want to kill my thyroid but i refused. I live in the usa. I went thru those symptoms to.

Pushka in reply to Espisnowwoman

Hi, my Endo wants to kill off my thyroid too but I’m resistant as 5mg of carbimazole has kept things stable for the last two years.

How are things with you? Are you well

They tell me that I can’t stay on this drug forever but if I have my thyroid zapped I will become hypo and then be on thyroxin forever

I’m confused.....

Any advice would be appreciated

Espisnowwoman in reply to Pushka

Hi pushka if your meds are keeping you stable then keep refusing the thyroid to be removed. Thats the first thing doctors want to do is kill your thyroid because its easy for them to treat. It took my endo a whole year to get me stable. My doctor that i have now says my thyroid levels are good . he thinks menopause put me in remission. I have other medical issues. High blood pressure and gall bladder and ibs which is not fun to have. I will keep u in my prayers. My endo told me that thyroid is the engine to your body.

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