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Tests are saying thyroid is fine.


I have so many symptoms. I'm always tired, my hair is falling out, I have low iron and ferritin, but the one that is really worrying me is the pain im getting in my neck.

My mum had a goiter removed 2 years ago and my brother is on medcation for under active thyroid....and yet ive just had these results back.

Can someone tell me if anything looks a miss?


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Too small for my tired eyes and lack of computer knowledge :-)

You have low ferritin and vit D, which will be causing symptoms, and your vit B12 and folate could be higher.

Your TSH is fine. Your FT4 is a little on the low side. But, there are three tests missing that complete the picture, and that the NHS will rarely do - if ever : FT3, TPO antibodies and Tg antibodies. Therefore, a little private testing would give you a lot more information, if you can do it.

But, you do need to bring those nutrient levels up.

Do you happen to know why your brother is hypo?

Sass43 in reply to greygoose

I had a low iron and ferritin level a couple of months ago. I've been taking iron tablets ever since and a vit c tablet.

No, i dont know why he is on thyroid tablets. He lived in Hungary when he was diagnosed. I just know he was exhausted and it was his thyroid.

I said to my husband that a lot of my results are only just in the acceptable levels. Time for some more healthy eating i think.

I did have an appoinment on Wed for a private appointment, but he cancelled on Monday. I have to wait 2 weeks. I will go and ask for the other tests.

What might be causing my neck pain do you think?

It is on my right hand side and is at the back of where my thyroid gland/throat ends.

Thank you for replying.


greygoose in reply to Sass43

Could be your thyroid is swollen, I don't know.

If you do have a thyroid problem, healthy eating isn't going to make much difference, I don't think. Hypos have low nutrients because they have low stomach acid and don't digest properly. They need to take supplements.

Sass43 in reply to greygoose

Oh. Right.

I have just got a kefir kit and drank my 1st batch today.

Im reading other people's symptoms on here and it's like a checklist for everything Ive got.

Ive not seen anyone say they have a cold/wet patch feeling on their leg though.

Private it is.

greygoose in reply to Sass43

No, I've not heard of that, either. But that doesn't mean it isn't a hypo symptom. Just a less well-known one. :)

That sensation rings a bell for me actually, though I haven't experienced it in a good while. Wonder whether it might be a type of numbness?

Yes. I do think it is that. It is the same patch everytime, but it's not constant.

256771 in reply to Sass43

I've had that feeling quite a few times on just above my ankle but I've got bad veins and thought it was coming from them.Hope yo get better soon maybe it is to do with my thyroid !! Anne

Sass43 in reply to 256771

Interesting. It is a very weird sensation.

Thanks for replying.


Ok low iron, and hypothyroidism are interlinked, you need your copper and zinc levels checked out. High copper can suppress iron and zinc.

In simple terms if your hypothyroid you have low Zinc, low Zinc means high cortisol, high cortisol means thyroid hormone suppression

Bonus the hair stops falling out.

Supplements needed to feed them are a B Complex, vitamin C and BCAA's (branched chain amino acids) plus Selenium needed for thyroid hormone conversion FT4 to FT3 hope that helps

Thank you for replying. I will add those to the list of things to ask for a test for.


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