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My weight is rapidly fluctuating. Ilost eight pounds last week and put 11 back on this.


I bought some scales to weigh myself at home as this was happening at swimming pool scales. Not sure what is happening. I am calorie counting and taking gentle exercise. Eating plenty of calories something like 2,500.I am very heavy 27 stone having gained loads this year havng been about 23 since broken ankle. Sorry no bloods to share but pulse 92 and feeling really well other wise. Energetic although lack stamina, no brain fog, contented and lively. Taking nibble of nature thyroid and 300mcg capsule of thyrogold. Any thoughts.

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Just wonderng why 2500 calories (or is that a misprint) ?

If you are on a healthy reducing diet you would be looking to eat 1000 to 1200 cals each day - 3 pieces of fruit daily; vegetables freely, restricted foods ( ie 4oz portions of meat or 6 oz fish or 2oz cheese or 2 eggs ) and 2 small potatoes, 2 rounds bread or bread roll × 2 per day. Milk & butter restricted amounts (one pint skimmed or half pint whole or 3/4 pint semi-skimmed milk & 1/2 oz butter) and prohibited foods ie no other fats, oils, pastries, sweets cakes, sauces etc.


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No Mary not a misprint and calorie counting has changed a lot over the years. 1000 calories would be considerred dangerously low by most experts these days.Your calorie needs are now calculated individually according to weight and height and activity levels with the aim to reduce as little as possible to enable 0.5 to 1 poundweight loss or even less a week. Other than that there are no diet restrictions or advice. It works very well normally and calories are reduced very slowly over time in accordance with weight loss. It is how the NHS weight loss serives are recommending and for once the NHS seems to have got something right.

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NHS weight loss guidelines are very behind the times. May I respectfully suggest both of you look at for better advice. You should be having whole milk and yoghurt, butter is fine but carbs should be kept low.

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Espeegee. Weightloss guidlines might be at primary care level and Iam appaulled at the ignorance, But in this issue I am not behind the times and have not just a life times experiance but have spent many years sat in over eaters anonymous listening to people talking about what works. In over eaters anoymous there were no dietry guidlines as there was never any consistant agreement amoungst the so called experts, doctors, dieticians etc but we listened too eat other and experimented to see what worked. For myself what works best is a fairly rich diet, high in fat such as butter, full fat milk, yogart and with less carbohydrate but a lot more that Diet doctor would recommend and I avoid refined sugar. The key for me and most people in overeaters anon was to reduce portions which is consistant with calorie counting.The difference between OA and all other diets is the lack of scientific theory or what is often sales clap trap and the long term success rate of it members with over 40 % reaching and maintaining a healthy weight for over ten years. That does not sound huge but it is vastly improved upon most diets that only have a 1% over 2 years. I dont need to change my diet but I am aware that these kind of weight fluctuations of very unusual.I have never seen it before and cannot find a cause. Itis very discouraging.

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Not a big fan of diet doctor, many of his recommendations are not healthy for the colon/bowels etc. I'm old school and think we all know if we are eating too much and not the correct food for our bodies. For weight loss, one size doesnt fit all and we each need to find the best method for our body. At the end of the day, if you eat more than your body is burning you will put on weight. I should add, that is assuming your thyroid/metabolism is functioning normally.

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Yes but if you eat the same amount consistantly how do you explain a large loss one week followed by huge gain the next. The weight being taken at the same time of day onsame scales in same place.

I eat around 2000 cals every day. This includes some meat, veg, salad, fruit and nuts. I always take full fat milk and also eat organic cheese. These are mostly organic. I have never been overweight in my life. You are overeating 500 cals everyday which could explain some of it. 365 days in a year x 500 cals is approx 3.5 stone gain x 3 years = 10.5

stone overweight. It's amazing how it creeps up.

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Bunny jean. When I am your size I will have worked my way down to a 2000 calories which is an average number and not specific. If I do that too soon it will impede long term weight loss. I am eating as correct as you can be the right calories and if my weight was not fluctuating I would have a much clearer idea of whether to reduce or increase. It is a but upsetting to have someone who has never had a problem to think they can solve it for someone else. I dont think there is any corrolation between weight gain and low IQ. I will haveanother explore online to see if I can find anything to explain the fluctuations. Sorry to be grumpy but I get utterrly upset by TV cheffs and NHS advisors and the media repeating worn out old clap trap over and over again as if fat people need information repeated over and over and people who have never been on a diet in thier lives think they can fix us as if we dont have brains of our own. There is a 50% chance of being born to be someone who struggles with thier weight we dont need the other 50 % preaching to us. Grump grump. Every body seems to want to focus on giving out dietry advice than answering my question.

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Sorry I wasn't trying to preach , only trying to help. I cannot help you with the fluctuation it's weird. I didn't want to be adopted but I was and try to make the best of it. I would never talk you down please don't think that of me it's simply not the case.

You have a problem and I hope that you can sort it out, OK?

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apologies Bunnymen the TV chefs have really upset me recently and you inadvertantly put your foot in it. Thank you for trying to help and apologies for my reaction

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It's an eye opener for me. I never had a weight problem .........until all this thyroid stuff I finally joined WW on line and its helping me with portion size which I never had to think about before. It's been helpful and I am losing weight......I eat all quality food but like larger portions and it does or did add up....over this last few years......LOL.......

I forgot to say that if I am stressed I sometimes eat a shed load of chocolate or cake that evening but the next day back on the wagon.