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Can antibodies be triggered by gluten on skin?

I regularly handle ground wheat or barley, I wear a mask to avoid breathing it but should i worry about the dust that inevitably gets on my skin?

I have gone gluten free for 3 weeks now, as I have tpo antibodies (88) but no symptoms and trying to keep it that way.


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Goggle suggests that you can't absorb directly through skin. Obviously need to wash hands and face thoroughly

Did you get vitamin D, folate, ferritin and B12 tested?


Sorry to take so long in replying, I really appreciate your advice. Ferritin and b12 were measured 18 may, ferritin 164( range 13-150) b12 352(range 197-771) . My doctor is not worried about my vit d as I spend a lot of time outside in east Anglian sunshine but has taken blood for a baseline, results will be in next week.

I am assuming if I keep on gluten free diet and selenium I may be able to avoid the damage to my thyroid. I really feel for all of you who are really suffering. I count my blessings daily. Love to you all, Sue


B12 not brilliant, many of us need to supplement to get towards top of range.

Do you any low B12 symptoms


No folate result?

Vitamin D may be washed off skin, so we don't necessarily have high levels even if outdoors a lot


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I was completely surprised by my vit d levels, 38 (25-50 insufficient) will be supplementing them plus b vits

No b 12 symptoms currently

Thank you for taking the trouble to keep an eye on all our posts, xx


Hashimoto's and low vitamin D almost inevitable



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