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First TSH since diagnosis


Hi. I’ve just had my first test results since it was recognised that I may be hypothyroid. They have dropped from 6.2 to 3.72 (range 0.35 - 5.5). I have been taking 50mg levothyroxine for a month. Any advice before I speak to the doctor whether meds should remain the same or be increased as my notes state “no further action” but my symptoms are still there.

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You will see the TSH range goes down to 0.35, so although your has improved with 50 mcg dose of levothyroxin it is now 3.72. It is thought we should feel best on TSH of 1 or under. So your Gp should ignore the 'no further action' and give you more Levothyroxin. It is usual to increase this by 25 mcg, test again in 6 weeks, then if needed add another 25 mcg. Unfortunately GPS are only able to go by TSH results, occasionally when first diagnosed a FT4 result is used. But the important result is the active hormone T3 which is what every cell in your body needs for energy. Even if you went to an endocrinologist you are not guaranteed to be treated by FT3 results or how you feel. Many forum members get private blood tests for the full thyroid results. Do you know if you have thyroid autoimune antibodies/ Hashimoto's? Also ever been tested for Vit D, B12, folate, ferritin...again worth getting done, your Gp might do some( but VitD seems to be an unpopular test)..... results need to be upper end of ranges for good thyroid health. Rather a lot to take on, but good for starters.... so stress your worst symptoms and ask for more levothyroxin , even if you call it a trial.

Thank you. I hope he will listen, but at least I’ve made progress thanks to the support of this group. I didn’t have antibodies on the private test, but have just finished taking a high dose vitamin D and moving on to a standard dose. I am also now taking a general vitamin supplement along with a B 12 patch. I’m hoping to feel the benefits soon.

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