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Would anyone know how I can find out if the nearest pharmacy to me (UK) stocks either Northstar or Wockhardt brand of levothyroxin as I have been recommended to try those as alternatives. As previously mentioned in another post I not feeling great since taking Teva brand. Just spoke to my gp about it and thinks its "rubbish" etc and a phalacy. I hope my first appointment on Sunday with an endo proves successful and he gets the T3 thing.

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I think all you can do is contact them and ask.

If it's any help, Northstar is the same as Almus and they are both Actavis rebranded. The inner foils say Actavis, only the boxes have the different brand name.

Almus is the brand name used by Boots and Northstar is the brand used by Lloyd's pharmacy I believe. My pharmacy always stocks Actavis and is a Rowlands pharmacy.

Northstar is Lloyds rebranded Activis. If you have a Waitrose or Sainsburys near you with pharmacies instore they'll be Lloyds I believe. Obviously also Lloyds on street pharmacies.

Northstar (activis) will be 50 and 100 dose, Wockhardt i believe are 25s. Both Lloyds and Boots stock Wockhardt.

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