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Anyone read Mad Diet by Suzanne Lockhart?


I was recently recommended this book because I was talking about cutting gluten from my diet. The full title is Mad Diet: Easy Steps to Lose Weight & Cure Depression.

I'm half way though & the information she gives about how our food is manufactured etc is really enlightening & makes a lot of sense as to why we are all 'sick'. A lot of the info I already 'knew' but had never really considered or thought too much about but this book is really making me think what I eat & what I'm feeding my children.

I'm finding it really helpful so I thought I'd pass the recommendation on.

If anyone's read it, it's be interesting to hear what you thought.

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What does the author have to say on the subject of gluten?

I'm half way though the book & shes only mentioned gluten once - She's mentioned that the high speed mixing of bread plus the addition of additives & increased yeast have done away with fermentation time. This time is necessary to neutralise the wheat protein that can trigger inflammation & bowel disease and other autoimmune & inflammation reactions to gluten.

However, the book is so much more interesting about the way food is produced & the chemical that are used & the way it's affecting our health. I really has been a wake up call for me.

Marz in reply to Justliloldme

If it doesn't grow don't eat it :-) Simple Ayurvedic Mantra ! Thank you for your post.

The only tin in our house growing up was a tin of curry powder ! No fridge or freezer - had never heard of piazza or pasta or ready made sauces. Our pantry was bigger than the kitchen with shelves lined with bottled apples - gooseberries - rhubarb - plums and endless pots of jam and chutney and of course pickled eggs. We routinely had a pig and chickens and grew masses of veg - my Dad was a Dairy Farm Manager working 7 days a week - but still came home late and weeded until dark in the Summer - growing endless veggies. Potatoes and other root vegetables were stored in a dark shed in a mixture of soil and sand to be used through the winter along with all the preserves for pies ... We had a Bramley Apple Tree and a Hazel Nut tree too. The Guernsey cows produced the creamiest of milk - butter and clotted cream ! Walks were for gathering - kindling for the fire - blackberries in season - mushrooms in the early hours and of course wild flowers for decoration. We never just went for a walk ! Greenery was collected for Christmas decorations.

Farm Workers wages were an insult - but we lived like kings !

So glad you have found an interesting book that indicates how things have changed in the last 50 years - or even since the war .... and how corrupt the food Industry is :-) I live in Greece and can see the traditional food is still going strong - long may it last ! I think the younger generation are being corrupted slowly with less traditional foods.

Justliloldme in reply to Marz

I can't agree more Marz, we're controlled by big pharma & big food companies who mass produce regardless of the impact on peoples health. We get sick big pharma make more money!

She advocates how we used to live with natural farming etc & how we were much healthier, it isn't that long ago we were all going to the butchers, greengrocers & buying local without even thinking about it.

There's a lot of interesting information on meat, chicken, milk, fruit & veg. It is scarily just how many chemicals & hormones we ingest without even knowing - I'll definitely be researching where my food comes from in future.

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